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As a BROESLI Member you will receive a guided audio constellation each month on a new theme, that will help you explore and reconnect with the path of your soul. Additionally, there is a monthly online circle where you will deepen the integration of the insights. This is also a great opportunity to connect with other members, share experiences and ask questions to get more direction.


Each month, we explore a different theme, aligned with the natural cycle of the year. These constellations provide deep insights and facilitate immediate transformations in your life. The insights are immediately applicable and touch all aspects of your life: your relationships, health, work, business, finances, family, spiritual gifts and talents.

Online Circles

The monthly online circles enhance the integration of these insights. You will also meet other members there, exchange experiences, and ask questions to Jorien. These sessions are recorded and, like the constellations, can be found in the BROESLI Academy.

Become a BROESLI Member now and live from your full potential, with joy and fulfillment.

Nadine Maas - Art Director and photographer

"Oooh, that was fun!! Wow, really got some beautiful insights. Thank you, Jorien! Seriously flabbergasted, it feels light but also 'true'."

Philippe Bailleur - keynote speaker and trainer

"The BROESLI Blocks practically sell themselves. Jorien has infused them with good intentions! I always enjoy using them in groups where I introduce various constellations. Every time I use them, there are people who want to buy them!"